Tailored for postgraduate students in ophthalmology, these text books provide a concise review of the basic concepts.
Physiology of the Eye - Out of Stock
Editor Dr. R.D. Ravindran, MS, DO
Year of Publications June 2001
Number of Pages 79
Cost Rs.200/- *
Anatomy of the Eye
Editor Dr. S. P. Banumathy, MS, PHD
Year of Publications November 1998
Third Edition 2015
Number of Pages 140
Cost Rs.450/- *
Ocular Microbiology - Out of Stock
Editor Dr. Chitra Rajalakshmi, MD
Dr. S. Lalitha Prajna, MD
Year of Publications March 1999
Number of Pages 100
Cost Rs.150/- *
Neuro Ophthalmology
Editor Dr. S. Mahesh Kumar DNB
Fourth Edition September 2004
Fifth Edition Reprint
Number of Pages 211
Cost Rs.450/- *
Ophthalmic Instruments and Equipment – A Handbook on Care and Maintenance
Authors Prof. V. Srinivasan, MA, MS
Mr. R.D. Thulasiraj, MBA
Second Edition September 2003
Number of Pages 53
Cost Rs.100/- *
Atlas of Imaging in Neuro - Ophthalmology and Orbit
Authors Dr. Usha Kim
Dr. S. Mahesh Kumar
Dr. K.G. Srinivasan
First Edition 2009
Number of Pages 246
Cost Rs.900/- *
Quality Cataract Surgery Series - Out of stock
A series of short booklets dealing with benchmarks for monitoring quality volume and sustainability, evolution of cataract surgical techniques, clinical strategies, IOL microsurgery and manual phaco extraction training.
Introduction (PDF 130Kb)
Architectural Design (PDF 415Kb)
Clinical Strategies (PDF 745Kb)
Community Outreach Initiatives (PDF 520Kb)
Financial Sustainability (PDF 215Kb)
Management Principles and Practices (PDF 325Kb)
Paramedical Contributions (PDF 250Kb)

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