Aims & Objectives

  • To procure, process and distribute corneal tissues of the highest quality for transplantation
  • Provide eye tissues for research and training
  • Provide support and grief counseling to donor families
  • Promote awareness programmes among the public
  • Equip the eye bank personnel

Functions of Eye Bank

  • Procurement of eyes
  • Processing of eyeballs
  • Distribution of Corneal tissues
  • Training to Eye Bank technicians & corneal surgeons
  • Promote public relation activities
  • Provide eye tissues for Training & Research

The Rotary Aravind International Eye Bank, Madurai

The initiative of the Rotary District 3000 under the matching grants programme funded the establishment of the eye bank. It collects, evaluates, processes and distributes viable corneal tissues for corneal transplant surgeons. The Rotary Aravind International Eye Bank - Madurai was officially set up in the year 1998 and is one of the 7 eye banks in the country affiliated to the International Federation of Eye Banks (IFEB), which stipulates stringent standards of quality for corneas used in transplants.Since its inception, 18,873 eyes were collected and processed out of which 7,033 corneass were used for transplantation.

Aravind - IOB Eye bank, Coimbatore

The eye bank in Aravind Coimbatore was started in 1998 after registering with the EBAI. Later, the eye bank expanded with sophisticated infrastructure and facilities along with the support of Indian overseas bank and was named 'ARAVIND ?IOB Eye Bank' . The steady growth of the eye bank can be seen from the eyeball collections increasing from 174 eyes in 1998 to 1410 eyes in 2010. This was possible because of effective involvement and participation from the community right from the beginning. Every year eye donation fortnight & other various promotional activities are conducted to educate and motivate the community. The collected eyeballs are effectively used in house for various types of corneal transplantations and for Research & Development programmes.

Rotary Aravind Eye Bank, Tirunelveli

Rotary Aravind Eye Bank, Tirunelveli was started on 28th May 2004 in collaboration with the Rotary Foundation R.I. Districts 3210 and 5750, Rotary Club of North West Oklahoma City USA, Rotary Club of South Oklahoma City, USA, Rotary Club of Tirunelveli West, India. The Rotary Aravind Eye Bank MG Project #23486 supported with initial grant.

Aravind Eye Bank Association of Pondicherry

Eye Bank was started on 19th December 2005 and it is registered with EBAI. Dr.Tiruvengada Krishnan is the Medical Director of Eye Bank.

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