Ocular Microbiology Laboratory

The microbiology laboratory diagnoses ocular infectious diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses and other parasites. It also assists the speciality clinics in researching new methods in identification and treatment of various ocular infections. The department also monitors the infection control practices of the hospital to maintain high standards of patient care. The laboratory is well equipped for the diagnosis of various ocular infectious diseases and maintains high standards in quality control. In addition to the microbiological work performed in the laboratory, histopathological identification of ocular tissues is performed.

Patient Counseling Services

Recognising that assuaging the patients' fears is important to a healthy outcome, Aravind trains and employs a special cadre of staff as Patient counsellors. They are trained to understand patients' emotions and play a vital role in reducing the stress and mental strain of the patient, and especially in enhancing their cooperation at the time of surgery.

Radiology Department

The radiology department processes X-rays of patients' eyes as well as those recommended for other specific purposes.

Biochemistry Lab

The clinical biochemistry lab forms an integral part of patient care and management. As the incidence of diabetes increases in the general population, the diagnostic laboratory plays a crucial role in diagnosis and control of diabetes in our patients. All the basic tests required in clinical biochemistry, clinical pathology and Haematology are being carried out. The laboratory is equipped with a fully automatic biochemistry analyzer.
A qualified biochemist is in charge helped by a team of trained and experienced technicians. A pathologist is also consulted whenever needed. Special tests which are exclusive for ocular disease like Angiotensin converting enzymes are also being carried out. The highest quality of standard is maintained in the areas of testing by regular monitoring, running quality controls and having quality systems in place.

Medical Records

The Medical Records Department forms the integral part of the patient care which comprises the Reception Counter, Outpatient registration service, Billing (Investigations) service and, Administration & Discharge Services. This department is headed by a qualified professional and managed by technicians and experienced and trained staff. The department benefits the patient by being responsible for the completeness, accuracy, and availability of the medical records at all times.

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