How do I schedule medical appointments with a specialist at Aravind?

There is no appointment system. You or your attendant can ask the queries via telephone, fax, email or letter. Details are available at the Contact us section of this website.

When making a medical appointment what information must I provide?

You must provide all relevant information on your medical condition, including scans, medical history, and current medication etc. If you have been referred to India by a doctor in your home country, please send the medical report with details of the doctor.

Without a referral from my local doctor, can I seek an appointment with a specialist at Aravind Eye Hospital?

Yes. You can send the queries along with the Medical report via Email or Fax thereby we will send the visa invitation letter and also schedule an appointment with an appropriate specialist.

Will someone guide me on the duration and cost of treatments?

Definitely. Once you send an email with your queries, we will give you a complete plan on the approximate length of stay at the hospital and the total cost of the treatment, along with the necessary pre/post treatment care.


How complicated and time drawn are the visa formalities?

It is similar to, obtaining a visa for regular travel purpose. However, if your treatment requires frequent visits, you may opt for a multiple entry visa for which you need a letter from the hospitals.

In my Visa, I can see 'FRRO required within 14 days of arrival'. What does this mean and how should I go about it?

FRRO stands for Foreigners Regional Registration Office and this is required if you are travelling for medical requirement and have a Visa type 'M' which means 'Medical'. This Visa gives you multiple entries and provides you a longer stay at India. Our In Patient Services Manager will do the processing for your registration and you will just need to follow their instruction on the same. You are required to register at the Foreigners Regional Registration Office within 14 days of your arrival. The prescribed format for the same is also available at the Inpatient Administrative office. Patients from Pakistan and Bangladesh are required to register their arrival within 24 hours with the nearest Police Station/Commissioner's Office.


What are the registration formalities at the hospital?

You are required to produce your passport at the IP -Block Administrative office to get registered at our hospital. The hospital will maintain a copy of your passport (Photo page and visa page) in your hospital record. This is mandatory and is based on the directives from the Government of India.

I do not speak English and am not conversant with the native Indian languages. How do I communicate with the doctors?

Our team at the Inpatients services departments will organize the services of a language interpreter who will be with you during medical interactions and help you communicate effectively.

If my family is accompanying me, where can they stay?

If you are coming for consultation you have to stay at nearby hotels after doctor consultation. If advised for surgery we will provide accommodation. You can keep one attender to accompany and he/ she can stay along with you.

Who will be responsible for my stay at Aravind Eye Hospital and who can be reached fro assistance?

At Aravind Eye Hospital, concerned Doctors and nursing team will be responsible for all your medical requirements whereas all your non-medical requirements will be met by our Inpatient Manager.

Who are the personnel who will meet me at my room apart from the doctors and nurse?

Apart from the medical and nursing care providers, you will meet housekeeping supervisors and cleaning staff as well as your Manager and Physician if medically required.

What about offering tips?

We do not encourage this practice and if you would like to contribute for our organization welfare please contact Manager at the Inpatient block for further details.

How can my relatives/family reach me over the phone from my home country and how can I make an International call?

To reach your family we will arrange a local sim card by providing your ID proof(Passport copy with photograph) Hospital telephone numbers are available in the Contact us section of this website.

What about food choices? Will the kind of food I prefer be made available to me?

Vegetarian restaurant is available in the ground Floor inside the Inpatient Block. If you want Non Vegetarian food you can order it outside with the help of the menu card provided (Lunch & Dinner). As per your choices they will do the room services. Smoking and alcohol use are forbidden in the hospital premises.

What are the options available for me to pray ?

A common meditation room in the Inpatient Block


Can I claim the medical expenses from my health Insurance Provider?

We will not be able to process/accept any other foreign insurance coverage for cashless (insurance covered) treatment and surgical procedures.

What are the modes of payment available?

We accept all major credit cards like VISA, MASTER CARD. If you are having your country currency, we will facilitate exchange process. .


What are the procedures involved in my discharge? What are the formalities and will I get a copy of all my investigation reports?

Your primary consultants will inform the date of your discharge. At the time of discharge your nurse will detail you on the treatment / surgery that you have had and on the medication that you have to take, follow-up requirements if any and finally will hand over the medical Report and discharge summary.

How can I follow-up with my doctors once I reach my home country?

You can email to our patient care manager on your progress and they will help you keep in touch with your doctors at Aravind Eye Hospital. Do mention your hospital registration number in all your communications with the hospital.

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