Tele Consultation for Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic retinopathy (DR) is a sight threatening complication of Diabetes. It needs to be diagnosed early in the disease to prevent losing the vision. DR is symptomless in early stages and so patients do not consult the ophthalmologist even if they are told. So it is important for all the diabetics to have their eyes screened when possible. So Aravind started the first opportunistic screening for diabetics, when they are consulting with their diabetologists, using tele-screening. The diabetic patient’s fundus(retina) images are captured at the diabetic clinic using a fundus camera and sent to the Aravind Eye Hospital, where a retina specialist or a trained grader reviews the images and sends a report back regarding the presence or absence of DR within an hour. The report is then printed and given to the patient for further counseling by the diabetologist. This helps in early screening of the diabetics to prevent needless blindness.

Aravind works with various diabetes care centres to screen diabetic retinopathy cases through Tele – Consultation with the help of Aravind Diabetic Retinopathy Evaluation Software (ADRES).

Click here to view Reading & Grading process

Click here to view Reading & Grading process Video

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