Vision Centres

Reason for starting Vision centre: Community outreach the backbone of Aravind’s high volume work proved to be successful in reaching more people. The Aravind model of outreach camps is widely replicated and practiced by many eye hospitals throughout the world. In spite of enormous amount of work done through these outreach camps, recent studies conducted by Aravind shows that the utilization of eye care services is far less, eye camps treating only 7% of those who are in need of eye care and it do not inculcate better health seeking behavior in people.

This model enhance the reach of Ophthalmologist, one of the scarce but essentially main resource for eye care available to an unreached poor through blending the low cost information technology and aggressive community outreach.

This center offers primary eye care services with the help of trained ophthalmic technician at an affordable cost. Each centre is covering a population of 50,000 to provide primary eye care services in the rural areas where eye care is not available. It is managed by a well trained Ophthalmic Technician and supported by a Centre coordinator. The ophthalmic technician performs slit lamp examination, refraction and enters all the data in an EMR(Electronic Medical Record). After consulting with the ophthalmologist from the base hospital using web conferencing, she treats minor ailments, and dispenses glasses. Patients also discuss with the Doctors regarding their queries. Patients who require further investigations or interventions like cataract surgery are referred to the base hospital Currently, there are 61 vision centers and about 1500 patients are examined every day across these vision centers. One Ophthalmologist in the base hospital is able to take care 5-6 vision centers.

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