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Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.
-- Paul Hawken

Aravind’s eye care services are not confined to direct patient care initiatives; the organization is equally conscious of creating awareness amongst the general public, about the various preventive and rehabilitative aspects of eye care. Every year one of Aravind’s main centres arranges eye care exhibitions of such kind for the benefit of public. This year, it was Aravind – Madurai that hosted the exhibition and it was well-received by the public.

Aravind regularly updates its diagnostic and treatment capabilities with a view to provide the best possible care to the patients. Recently, the centre at Coimbatore acquired cataract refractive suite, which would help improve the quality of vision post cataract surgery.

It was such an exciting moment for the staff at Aravind – Madurai when Sri. Subroto Bagchi, CEO, Mindtree Consulting visited the organization and gave an inspiring talk based on real-life experiences.

Aravind doctors came out with flying colours at the recently held Annual Conference of the Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association.

News about these and many more feature in this issue.

Aravind NewsTeam

Awards and Accolades
Awards at the Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association
Coimbatore, August 8-10
  Dr. K. Veena
- Quick photo assessment – An innovative way of school eye screening (Best paper Award in the session on Community Ophthalmology)
Dr. Shabana Bharathy, Aravind – Coimbatore
– Family screening in glaucoma patients and its outcome (Best paper award in the session on Glaucoma)
- Trabeculectomy with scleral patch graft for advanced glaucoma in Ehler Danlos Syndrome (Best E-Poster)
Dr. Karan Kumarasamy, Aravind – Coimbatore won First Prize in Ophthalmology General quiz.
Dr. Haripriya Aravind has been selected for the Dr. M.N. Endowment Award for the paper, Aravind Pseudoexfoliation Study – Intraoperative, Immediate and 2 Years Post-operative Results. The award will be presented during the next annual conference of the TNOA.
Special Events
Kannae Nalamaa 2014
Aravind – Madurai, August 22-24
Eye care exhibition
Aravind – Madurai organized a three-day awareness exhibition for public with a view to educate them on proper eye care. The exhibition had many models and demonstrations instead of the usual posters. More than 3000 people visited the exhibition. A free eye check up and refraction test was arranged for the public on the final day. Click here to see the video
CME held at Aravind Eye Hospital
Retina CME
Aravind – Tirunelveli, August 17
A one day CME on Retinal Diseases and Hands on Ophthalmoscopy for general practitioners, general physicians, pediatricians, diabetologists, neurologists, nephrologists, post graduates and house surgeons was conducted at Aravind - Tirunelveli. Invited speakers included Dr.Syed Ibrahim, Paediatrician, Royal Hospital and Dr.V.T.Rajesh, Paediatrician, Muthamil Hospital, Apart from them, Aravind faculty also joined. The purpose of the CME was to provide the participants with the fundamentals of ophthalmology, practice and advances within the field, as well as to provide an opportunity for networking with professionals of diverse backgrounds in health care.
News and Events
Aravind – Coimbatore Launches Cataract Refractive Suite
Aravind – Coimbatore, August 1
  Aravind – Coimbatore recently established cataract refractive suite which makes use of laser and thus eliminates the use of surgical blades in cataract surgery. The equipment consists of four components with the first component generating a reference image for the surgery by providing all critical measurements. The second contained the laser for making incision in the eye and third component would help the surgeon to remove the cataract lens and implant the intraocular lens in the eye. The final component contained an advanced operating microscope. The equipment would help improve the quality of vision post-cataract surgery.
Motivational Talk
Aravind – Tirunelveli, August 1
Mr. R. Ganesan, Founder - Life Improvement Mind Engineering (LIME) was invited to deliver a motivational lecture for the new MLOP recruits. Mr. Ganesan, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer and Reiki Healer has conducted more than 1000 programmes in various educational institutions and organizations.
At another programme organized on August 11, Mr.Ganapathy Subramanian and Ms.Vaijaindi Murugan were invited as guest speakers. Both these resource persons are eminentTamil teachers and are famous for their performance in debate competitions.  The audience truly had an enriching experience.

Aravind – Pondicherry, August 5

Swami Suddhananda Giri from Yogoda Satsanga Society of India visited Aravind - Pondicherry and gave a motivational talk on Balanced Life is a Successful Life. The audience had a thoroughly enriching experience.
MindTree CEO Visits Aravind
Aravind – Madurai, August 2
Sri. Subroto Bagchi, CEO, Mindtree Ltd; visited Aravind to get an exposure to its operational model and held detailed discussion with the senior leadership team. He also visited Aurolab, vision centre and the research institute to get an in depth understanding about the work being done.
Innovation from Instruments Maintenance Department
Aravind – Salem
Instruments Maintenance team at Aravind – Salem developed an immersion prager shell – probe holding screw. While the supplier charges Rs. 788 for this small spare part, the cost of the product developed indigenously is just Rs. 30.This locally manufactured screw is also found to be exactly similar to the original one manufactured by the company.
Freshers’ Day Celebrations
Aravind – Pondicherry, August 14
Newly joined MLOPs and DNB residents performed cultural programme on the occasion of Freshers’Day celebrations. The MLOPs and doctors expressed their talents through song and dance.
Independence Day Celebrations
Aravind, August 15
  Aravind Eye Hospitals across the centres celebrated the 67th Indian Independence Day with a variety of programmes. Special flower arrangements were made in the hospital premises to mark the occasion. Sweets were distributed to the staff.
Infrastructure Development
Aravind – Pondicherry, August 28
  Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry launched the state of the art technologies, cataract refractive suite and intralase FS laser for bladeless refractive surgery.Dr. K. V. Raman, Director of Health and Family Welfare Services, Puducherry and Dr.S. Mohan Kumar, MS, IGGGH &PGI, Puducherry attended the function and formally inaugurated the technologies. Dr.R. Venkatesh, Chief Medical Officer  addressed the  press meet on the benefits of the new technology.
Hospital Day Celebrations
Aravind – Theni, August 30
Aravind – Theni celebrated the 29th hospital day on August 30 with a variety of programmes. Aravind’s senior leaders were present during the occasion.
Excursion Programme for MLOPs
Aravind – Pondicherry, August
As part of welfare activity, MLOPs above 5 years of service at the hospital were taken on a trip to Yercaud. Another group was taken to Mahabalipuram and Vandalur. The staff had a rejuvenating experience from the hectic work schedule.
Conferences Attended Elsewhere
Annual Conference of the Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association (TNOA)
Coimbatore, August 8-10
Dr. R. Venkatesh
-  Learning phaco chop: Pearls and pitfalls (Instruction course)
 - Quality of life and cost economics, quality of life and glaucoma (Instruction course)
- Trabeculectomy -Changing trends and management of unexpected outcomes (Instruction course)
- Doing a safe trab – Moorfields system
- Filtering blebs and dysfunctional blebs: Rescue of failed filter
- Phaco Vs. SICS problem of choice (Round table discussion)

Dr. Tiruvengada Krishnan
- A Clinicalcomicrobiological update on viral keratitis – How to manage this enigma
Dr. K. Veena
- Diagnosis made easy
- Quick photo assessment : A innovative way of school eye screening
- Effective strategies in treating diplopia of varied etiologies
- Diplopia - Non surgical management

Dr. S. Balamurugan
– A comprehensive understanding too often recurring – strategies to tackle
Dr. Dayakar Yadalla
- Bimanual nucleus prolapse in cataract surgery
Dr. V R Saravanan
- Central serous retinopathy: The typical and atypical scenarios
- Acute hydops management and PK
- Management of common macular disorder
- ARMD - In a concise format

Dr. Saurabh Arora
- Transpupillary thermotherapy
Dr. George J. Manayath
- Low fluence photodynamic therapy
- Management of Common macular disorder- CSR

Dr. Kalpana Narendran
- Recent trends in amblyopia management
Dr. Aruna Radhakrishna
- Guidelines for prescribing glass in children
Dr. Sandra Ganesh
- Tackling the lazy eye PEDIG conclusions 1
- Seeing double- effective strategies in treating diplopia of varied etiology- Etiology & causation

Dr. Rajesh Prabhu
- Tackling the lazy eye PEDIG conclusions 2
Dr. Ganesh V Raman
- Trabeculectomy- Recognizing and managing a failing bleb
Dr. Kalpana Narendran
- Paediatric Cataract Surgery
- Clinical evaluation of a case with diplopia

Dr. Viji Rangarajan
- Management of orbital blow out fractures-Management and postoperative complications
Dr. Revathi Rajaraman
- Microbial keratitis- expanding profile and clinic diagnosis
- Acute hydops management and PK

Dr. Anita Raghavan
- Surgical management when and what
Dr. Parag K. Shah
- Atypical pediatric retinal diseases and tumours
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