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  • When Technology Meets Health Care in Knowledge Society...
    Aurosiksha: online learning platform for blindness prevention workers

    Arnab B. Chowdhury
    CSI Communications Journal, Mumbai
    Selected among the top 4 papers at SEARCC 2011 seminar (South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation)
    Click here to View.
  • Aravind Eye Care System - The McDonald's of Health Organisations
    IE Business School
    Click here to View.
  • A Case Study on Aravind Eye Care System
    Amrita School of Business
    Click here to View.
  • The Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai, India: In Service for Sight
    V. Kasthuri Rangan
    Harvard Business School
    Click here to View.
  • From Market Driven to Market Driving
    Nirmalya Kumar, Lisa Scheer, Philip Kotler
    European Management Journal
    Click here to View.
  • Aravind Eye Care System: Giving Them The Most Precious Gift
    Profs. S. Manikutty and Neharika Vohra
    Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
    Click here to View.
  • Aravind: Partner and Social Science Innovator - Innovations Case Discussion: Aravind Eye Care System
    Larry Brilliant and Girija Brilliant
    Innovations (Journal)
    Click here to View.
  • Making Sight Affordable - Innovations Case Narrative: The Aravind Eye Care System
    V Kasturi Rangan and R D Thulasiraj
    Click here to View.
  • Compassionate � High Quality Health Care at Low Cost: the Aravind model in conversation with G. Venkataswamy and R.D. Thulasiraj
    Janat Shah and L S Murty
    IIMB-Management Review
    Click here to View.
  • Dr. V of Aravind Eye Hospital � A "Level 5" Leader
    Anil Kumar Kartam
    ICFAI Center for Management Research
    Click here to View.
  • Design Thinking
    Tim Brown
    Harvard Business School
    Click here to View.
  • Case Study: Aravind Eye Hospitals
    Rajiv Tikoo
    The Financial Express
    Click here to View.
  • Treating Cataracts in India, Case Studies in Global Health Millions Saved
    Ruth Levine
    Jones and Bartlett Publishers
    Click here to View.
  • Aurolab: Bringing First-World Technology to the Third-World Blind
    V Kasturi Rangan
    Harvard Business School
    Click here to View.
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